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writing the answers on cheap paper napkins

ramblings of a girl.

forget our one last kiss goodbye.
17 June
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so uhm i guess you're supposed to talk about yourself here..
uh my name is ashley i'm 17 (18 on june 17th 04)..
i'm emotional.. i like emotional music.. i'm a nerd so i pretty much enjoy reading.. and writing crappy poetry.. i'm a sucker for good lyrics..
i'd like to say that i'm unique... but i don't think anything is unique in todays world..
i've got 4 cats and a dog..
1 mom (fatesfaery), 1 dad (computer illiterate)..
my brother jason (shadow_dancerx) died in march of 02
i've got one blood niece and nephew..
3 that i consider myself honorary aunt of... (specially jade lol... lori is too much like a sister for blood to matter... plus we did cut out fingers that time)
my posting habits are erratic at best.. there might be a period of time where i post twice a day... then it might be a month before i post..
i'm pretty much a typical hormonal bitchy teenaged girl.
oh and love... i...i'm trying to find a reason to really believe in anything other than lust lol.
never trust a man who says trust me
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